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No Synthetic or Artificial Ingredients In Your Skin Care Products

Organic and natural skin care products claim to be beneficial for your skin. Free of harmful preservatives and additives, the industry of organic and natural skin care products has produced some fantastic products that can feed your body and not harm it. Here you have 10 reasons why we need to consider buying organic and natural skin care products to keep you healthy.

1. Organic skin care products are safe to use because the ingredients are from natural plant based materials and leave out the synthetic chemicals. Be careful not to get tricked by the label, by that I mean that, a label on any product like moisturizer, face masks, essential oils, rubs, and creams that are for sale declaring the product is organic can mean different things depending on the type of certification the product has. So read it carefully.

2. Organic skin care means we are getting a product that is free from or has dramatically reduced amounts of chemicals in the products. This can mean different things: from the farming process of growing the botanical ingredients to the factory processes there should be no chemicals or genetically modified botanical plant material in any of the products.
On a side note, remember that if they are truly organic their shelf life is cut in half from synthetic chemical based products, for the obvious reasons. This is one way to check the authenticity of organic products, by reading the expiration date.

3. The term organic  refers to an item that has minimal to no chemical residue in the growing and processing of botanical materials and is not modified genetically or use with potential toxins.

4. Certified organic on the other hand, indicates  the concentration of organic botanical materials within a product. We are talking about skin care products that are produced in a way that conforms to certain standards.

5. The way to know if a Skin care product is Organic and Natural is by checking evidence on the packaging, like the Certified Organic logo on the product, labeling - 100% Organic or not, natural ingredients are in the title of the product synthetic ones just put natural and not the real ingredients, e. g. banana and avocado mask vs natural face mask. The trick/secret here is to pay attention to the details.

6. Organic and natural skin care is a safe way of looking after your skin and treating any skin problems. At the same time you are helping to conserve and protect the environment.

7. Did you know that by buying organic and natural products we are helping to lower the impact on the earth and the environment. Organic farmers have the potential to use less energy, less water resources, and no pesticides, because they don't have to apply the same farming commercial farming practice.

8. The good news is that there are lots of natural and organic shops that stock natural skin care and hair care and cosmetic products. Pretty much everywhere you go there seems to be another online shop and website popped up around the corner.

9. You are free to use natural and organic skin care products when ever you like. There are no restrictions as to when you can use natural and organic products. They will have a shorter shelf life due to fresh ingredients being used. However at the same time this demonstrates a quality product.

10. The way skin care products benefit your skin and health is obvious. For example, hair care and cosmetics is arguably healthier than its synthetic counterparts, also organic skin care is gentler and healthier for our bodies when comparing to the non-organic products.

Lastly, remember that a label of "organic" does not automatically mean "healthier. " An organic skin care cream may not have artificial flavors and may not contain the same toxins as a conventional skin care cream, but the organic skin care can still contain non-organic ingredients if they are using only partially organically grown ingredients.

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